Trainee Mobile App Developer Jobs in Manchester – England – UK at Multi Lingual Church Media

Title: Trainee Mobile App Developer

Company: Multi Lingual Church Media

Location: Manchester – England – UK

Type: Full Time, Internship

Category: Software Development, IT/Tech

With almost everyone glued to their smartphones, it comes as no surprise that there is an app for just about anything. And as people’s needs change, so do the apps they have to use. Mobile app developers are expected to deliver on those needs. As a trainee mobile app developer, this means there will be a lot of available job opportunities for you. Seizing them, however, requires the right know-how, skills and experience. Getting into our graduate training program is an excellent way to get all that and set yourself up for a successful mobile app development career.

What you need to have

A degree in computer science, software engineering or related field.

An understanding of basic programming concepts, app development process and lifecycle, development methodology, and principles of effective mobile app design.

A working knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C++, and iOS or Android development tools.

Excellent problem-solving skills and solid ability to effectively communicate and work with a team.

As a Trainee Mobile App Developer, you will

Learn about key aspects of app development specific to mobile operating systems.

Leverage your knowledge and skills, along with relevant technologies and tools, to develop a variety of mobile applications.

Troubleshoot and debug applications to help optimize their performance.

Receive guidance, advice and support from an industry expert to further grow your mobile app development knowledge and skills, and to help you prepare for a career as a mobile app developer.

Boost your skills and qualifications and be ready to begin your career as a mobile app developer!

If you have any questions about the posted trainee mobile app developer role or the application process, feel free to contact us.

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